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Welcome to private bariatric surgery and obesity coaching groups!


You can contact other members who will be having surgery with Dr. Jabbes Hatem .


This discussion group, before, during and after your intervention, will allow you for a year until your stabilization to communicate, support you, motivate you and share your experience.  


The members of this group have reserved their interventions and will come for surgery at the beginning of the week.  then we will join the obesity coaching workshop at the end of your stay after your intervention.

These workshops aim to have a post-operative follow-up after your bariatric surgery. Our work will focus on:


  •   The food protocol

  •   Coaching in obesity.

  •   Food during the months following your operation.

  •   Organize your professional, family and personal life with your new stomach.


Dr. Jabbes and I focus on the postoperative period. It is important to have become aware and assimilate the food protocol after bariatric surgery back in your country.


This group contains information, nutritional support and obesity coaching to help you lose weight until you stabilize it.


A postoperative follow-up for one year ...
  until you stabilize

Follow-up for one year until your stabilization with nutritional support and obesity coaching in groups or individually by videoconference .

In Tunisia, we guarantee you full support after your bariatric surgery with Dr. Jabbes Hatem and  Berrich Estelle.

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