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Coaching and support in bariatric surgery and cosmetic surgery in Tunisia

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Chirurgie bariatrique tunisie

Estelle Berrich

After more than 20 years of experience in Image Coaching in the French audiovisual field and in my makeover agency on the Champs-Elysées, I turned to Life Coaching for 8 years.  


My inner and emotional journey and several training courses finally brought me to Tunisia to work in the medical field, always in my capacity as a confirmed coach with the aim of supporting patients in achieving their goals before, during and after surgery. bariatric or cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

My wish is to accompany you in your change and help you reveal the best of yourself. My mission is to improve your daily life by helping you achieve your own goals: stimulate you, inspire you, motivate you, make you act, react and surpass yourself!

Achieve your Goals

Lasting help


Life Coaching

Grow inside!

Complete support to define your personal goals together and help you achieve them by yourself thanks to your own resources and abilities. Thanks to several techniques such as NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), I help you to develop your potential, to develop your self-confidence and improve your self-esteem in order to reach the desired state of well-being on the affective levels, personal and professional.


Obesity Coaching

Lose weight effectively and sustainably

Obesity has become a major public health problem and bariatric surgery remains the best effective and lasting solution. In partnership with the multidisciplinary teams, my ambition is to promote quality care. I accompany you for the follow-up, whether pre or post-operative, but I also help anyone whose weight has become a problem on a psychological, physical and above all social level.


Coaching in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Rebuild your body after your weight loss

The  plastic surgery  and restorative is an undeniable way to  you  feel  better in your  skin  and come to terms with  complex which can have a serious impact on your  way of life.  I guide you  and directs  in order to  identify the real reasons that lead you to consider the intervention and I will accompany you  at each stage, before, during and after the  surgery to maintain your motivation and your emotional and nutritional balance.

Coach de vie

"I accompany you for your surgery project in Tunisia,

The synergy between medical expertise and coaching is the cornerstone of a successful journey...

That's where all the difference lies!"

Is she

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